at Sanskriti – posted 10/27/14 in Delhi

72 dpi studio _DSC5175 copy

Above is an image of my studio apartment at Sanskriti in New Delhi. After a long airplane journey I arrived at Sanskriti midday on Saturday. Delhi is very crowded and polluted city and Sanskriti is something of an oasis on the outskirts of Delhi. Sanskriti Kendra was founded as a cultural institution to support the traditional Indian arts as well as contemporary international and Indian artists. It is a very pretty place that was built in the 90’s by Mr. O.P. Jain, who is a Jain. He is a tall and elegant man in his 80’s who comes to Sanskriti most every day.

These are beautiful grounds: 3 museums (terracotta, textile and everyday objects,) artist studios and apartments, ponds and gardens, and many other facilities on the 7 acres. It is very sweet and I feel quite comfortable here. There are several artists here from all over the place: Korea, Australia, Holland, England and from different parts of India. Very nice people and delicious vegetarian food.

I brought the pictures of Nasreen and I and a big map of Delhi for my studio. I will be doing some exploring and photographing of Delhi while I am here, as I have said before, with Nasreen as my guide in spirit and experience. Though I am also going to hire a real live guide to take me through some of the historic sites. I am starting my process by doing some photography of the grounds here and of some of the beautiful objects in the terracotta museum here. Nasreen shot black and white film. I am learning to convert my digital images into black and white. I do like the abstraction of the black and white images. I will get drawing and painting soon. Seems crazy to come all this way, but I am happy I did!
72 dpi grey scale _DSC5059 copy copy

72dpi grey scale 2_DSC5109

72dpi grey scale_DSC5066 copy copy

72 dpi grey scale_DSC5159 copy copy

72dpi grey scale_DSC5145 copy copy

72dpi grey scale_DSC5130 copy copy

20 thoughts on “at Sanskriti – posted 10/27/14 in Delhi

    1. Marvelous!!! The photos look great! I am so happy to have a vicarious view of your experiences and your perception through the blog!


  1. Such pleasure to journey with you in this way. It is indeed beautiful there. Thank you foe sharing these and bringing these ideas and images out into the larger world. Love to you. Suzanne


  2. Looks like a fabulous studio and grounds. It’s fun for us to follow your path in India as you follow Nasreen’s.


  3. Love the black and white images, Sherry!! So simple and elegant. So yin/yang, except, I guess, for the shades of gray. But grays are just a mix of various amounts of black and white, of opposites, the implied world of in-between, so back to “so yin/yang”!! Looking forward to accompanying you on your extraordinary adventure through your posts!! Hug from home, Karen


  4. Thank you Karen. I will do some drawings with some color but it is fun to work with the black and white photographs. Speaking of color, I hope your exhibit is going well, I think I am going to miss it 😦 Sherry


  5. So happy you are doing this and the studio and grounds look amazing! Sending love from USA, I’m here for a week before going back to My family in ramallah. How long will you be in India?


  6. Fantastic. Are you hanging from the ceiling taking that wonderful photo of your apartment? The labrynthine stones leading to the mound seem somewhat Nasreeny-Sherry to me, a good omen, a good beginning. Enjoy and stay in touch as often as possible. Love and xoxox, Jen


  7. always loved Nasreen’s drawings and always, somehow, thought of them (of her really) as out of time. it is, as such, very interesting to me to see how that combines with the overtly historical self-awareness of the reenactment work you’re doing with her — or am I saying the wrong thing? studio visit when you get back? speaking of which, the studio is gorgeous. one day I plan to apply myself for the Sanskriti Kendra residency but, for now, Kolkata is my inspiration. I deeply envy you for being in “crowded and polluted” Delhi though; best street food in the world. I dare you to dare – winter brings the daulat ki chaat… what was Nasreen eating? big hug, Marius


    1. Of course you know about Nasreen and you understand my “reenactment” Marius. Except I am to scared to eat with Nasreen on the street yet. So the vegetarian food at Sanskriti is great. Yes lets visit when I get back. best Sherry


  8. Beautiful surroundings. Quite a contrast from our pilgrimage environs. How very exciting for you to be there and be nurtured in your art.


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