reading Mohamedi – posted 10/20/14 in Boulder

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I have loved reading about Nasreen Mohamedi. I missed the recent major exhibitions of her work: at the Tate Liverpool this last summer, at the Talwar Gallery in New York in 2013 and at the Kiran Nadar Museum in New Delhi in 2013. I have heard that there will be a major exhibition of her work in the U.S. in 2015 but have not heard where and when yet. Luckily there are some wonderful essays on her work and a few of them are on line and listed below.

Geeta Kapur’s essay “Elegy for an Unclaimed Beloved: Nasreen Mohamedi (1937-1990)” is perhaps the seminal writing on Mohamedi and was written shortly after her death. It is a beautiful read and linked below on the Tate Museum’s website. Geeta Kapur is a remarkable woman herself, and was a good friend of Mohamedi’s. Kapur (b 1943) is an internationally renowned art critic, art historian and curator who is based in New Delhi.

Other smart writers on Mohamedi’s work are: John Yau, Grant Watson, Susette Min, Anders Kreuger, Suman Gopinath, Holland Cotter, Eleanor Clayton and there are many others as well. There are only a few printed books available in the U.S. The catalogue “the grid, unplugged Nasreen Mohamedi” is available from the Talwar Gallery in New York for a hefty $125 The Talwar Gallery in New York and New Delhi represents Mohamedi and their website also has an excellent list of press writings on Mohamedi The catalogue “Nasreen Mohamedi Lines among Lines” Drawing Papers #52 is pictured above and available from the Drawing Center in New York for $15. It documents the Mohamedi exhibit there in 2005. I am a fan of the Drawing Center and its publications, a whole museum that only shows drawings!

Here are some links to essays on her work:

Clayton, Eleanor, “Seeking a ‘Blazing Reality’: Nareen Mohamedi’s Photographs,” Tate Liverpool Reading Room, 2014:

Gopinath, Suman, “There is always chaos and confusion, but it is in the mind and the will that bring order,” Tate Liverpool Reading Room, 2014:

Kapur, Geeta, “Elegy for an Unclaimed Beloved: Nasreen Mohamedi 1937 -1990,” Tate Liverpool Reading         Room,   2014:

Yau, John, “India’s Nasreen Mohamedi Belongs to Everyone,” Hyperallergic, November 17, 2013,

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