Selecting “God’s Eye” – posted in Boulder, CO December 2nd, 2016

72 2016 new select Drone terrace-0029.jpg

I have been selecting images from the work I accomplished last year at the Obras Artist Residency working with Luis Branco, Rui Fernandes and Cydney Payton to put in the exhibit I have with Luis Branco in Estremoz, Portugal at the  Palacio dos Marqueses da Praia e Monforte in January 2017, yes that is next month! I am re-looking at this whole series of images that we made on the terrace at Herdade de Marmelaire in October of 2015. Rui Fernandes was operating the camera on the drone and Cydney and Luis were directing. I am going to select two of these images for the show and I kind of love them all 🙂 – what a dilemma! Also thank you to Bella Newell for the beautiful red and black fabric construction.

72 2016 new select Drone terrace-0030.jpg



there’s Cydney fixing and directing



These are just drafts. Not sure which ones to choose for the show?



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