Pego do Sino – drawing on the photograph – posted at Obras October 26th, 2016


This place “Pego do Sino” or “Canyon of the Bells” is a place I visited last year. Noortje and Akiko led Cydney and I here near sunset. We four women artists had wine and cheese (always in Portugal!) and I was entranced. I did not have a camera with me that evening so I asked Akiko to send me a picture – thank you Akiko.

I wanted to return this year to the “pego”, so Ludger took me back by a new route as soon as I arrived this year. It is quite a mystical and mythical place at any time of the day or in any weather. All these photographs are mine with my Nikon – just thinking /drawing /looking  on this place.


Last night Luis Pintasilgo translated the word pego. It is not exactly the same word in Portuguese as canyon or ravine. A pego is a place where water collects even when there is no water in other places. The water can be quite deep. There can even be a vortex, something that pulls you down into it. The vortex can also transport you to another world/ place. There is a goddess associated with the pego too, that she might protect the place but she could also be a dangerous goddess.




I am drawing / scratching with no mouse in Photoshop with black and grey. Just initial “sketches.” Eventually I will draw with graphite and paint with black paint. I also took the black netting or black veil / veu that I brought with me and placed it on the rock and my feet. I like something photographer Luis Branco said when I showed him some of my sketches. You can’t tell what is the drawing and what is the photograph.


More “sketches” to come soon of other sites / sights here near the Obras Art Residency…

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