old water mill revealed – posted at the Obras residency in Portugal, October 18, 2016



Ludger took Norwegian artist Matias and I on a walk to some sites near the Obras Residency that I have not been to. I am scouting for the new/next project I am working on here in the landscape and environment. These images are just “snap shots” I am using to get going.

The old water mill site  pictured above and below is just beautiful and I am thinking about working with this space in altered images, performances and installations. Recent Obras residents, Australian artists Rubi Fiedler and Peter Emptage, worked here for several weeks excavating and removing the dirt, cutting away trees and revealing the remains of this old mill site. After this hard work they created a site-specific “happening” for this place. Unfortunately I did not meet them or attend the happening. It is wonderful to see the stones and bricks, doorways and stairs that climb and move up the hillside with trees surrounding and the sky above.




I want to utilize these artists hard work in a respectful way. It will not remain in this “pristine” state for long. I am contemplating how to use this site – ideas of transparency, movement, the veil of the landscape, excavation of the old, revelation, transformation, of the architecture and the landscape and perhaps inserting my own body within it as well. I will keep posting as things progress. Ciao.


3 thoughts on “old water mill revealed – posted at the Obras residency in Portugal, October 18, 2016

  1. Sounds exciting! So glad you have discovered the water mill and can make use of the other artists’ hard work. Dana and I had a really good two day trip. Now Roger and I are getting ready to leave Boulder in a week and a half! Lots of love, Suzie


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