moving back into my studio in Boulder, Colorado – posted 12/3/14 in Boulder

72 dpi studio boulder_DSC5930 copy copy

72 dpi studio sankriti_DSC5898 copy copy

above: my “recreated” studio in Boulder

below: my studio at Sanskriti in Delhi at the end of my 3 ½ weeks there

I have not posted since I came home from India. In the last several months I have found the discipline of writing regularly (and posting on the blog) to be a real aid in my artistic process, so I figure I better get back to it. I really appreciate the response I have gotten from all of you at home and those in India as well to my “treasure hunt” for Nasreen, as my friend Genevieve calls my ongoing search and research for and on Mohamedi.

I came home excited and fulfilled from a wonderful and productive residency and also pretty exhausted from the intensity of traveling to India. Nether the less it was a great first residency experience for me and the Nasreen project is in no way over. In some ways it is just beginning with the next stage of drawing and painting and further research here at home in my studio.

Last week, in addition to having a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation with part of my family (Dana, Will, Jamie, Bruce,) I went into my studio and decided it needed a major clean up and reorganization. My studio was so pristine in India – I thought to begin working again I should recreate the environment that I had made there. Jamie gave me a great Thanksgiving gift and patched and painted the most beat up part of my studio. I switched my drawing/painting workspace to the south window space, as my studio was configured that way in India. I really like this connection and the arrangement. My entire studio space is not totally put back together yet but I have this corner “recreated” and ready to get to work in again, except that my new drawing board with sliding parallel ruler has not arrived yet.  I have posted below more about my continuing research and thoughts about Nasreen and my studio practices.

2 thoughts on “moving back into my studio in Boulder, Colorado – posted 12/3/14 in Boulder

  1. Welcome home dear Sherry. Hope to see you at a Pundarika meeting soon. It’s been awhile since Gordon and I have been able to attend.


  2. Thank you dear Margot. The next practice group will actually be at our house on Dec. 14th and hopefully we will practice in my newly cleaned studio/practice room. I miss you! love, Sherry


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