what should Nasreen and Sherry photograph/contemplate/draw together? – posted 11/1/14 in Delhi

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image above: Mehrauli Archeological Park, Delhi, India

I have been reading excerpts from Nasreen Mohamedi’s diaries to try to get into her head/eyes/mind. Her diaries are reproduced in the book “Nasreen in Retrospect.” Here are a few of her daily entries:  

4th July 1967 “Where do I stand in relation to space and thought The layers in Indian sculpture, in Arabic calligraphy In waves – in connection with my work”

13th July 1969, London “When looking at painting Sculpture or anything – examine each contour Each dot, surface.

18th July 1969 “Study the EYE SPACE Observe some objects in Different light A cosmic rhythm with Each stroke Sounds and Vibrations”

There are three new posts which show a few of the structures, sculptures and paintings that I have been photographing/contemplating/and not yet drawing. India is so seductive. It is difficult to think and make art like Nasreen even though this is what I have set out to do. I realize how much she has reduced things. India is so NOT REDUCTIVE, it is so expansive. There is so much beauty and ugliness in abundance everywhere. I have been overwhelmed by the Indian art and architecture I have been seeing and studying. Being here makes me think of Nasreen’s work as all the more phenomenal – because it is so pure, so refined in this cacophony of India.

I have been going out to take pictures in various places. I photographed some of the ruins at the Mehrauli Archeological Park, a beautiful “stepwell” there and also the stunning tower of Qutb Minar. At the National Museum in Delhi I was overwhelmed by the sculptures – from all different eras, of course the Buddha’s. I have been researching once again the Devi or Goddess figures in sculpture and in painting. I have found some of the images of Devi in the Basohli/Pahari paintings from the 17th and 18th century at the National Museum. They have a huge collection of Indian Miniatures. I have studied these before – the lines, the colors are amazing and the energy is wild in these figures and paintings. Below are sets of some of these images I have been LOOKING at.

I have not started to draw yet. I am almost ready but truthfully a little intimidated by India and by Mohamedi.both. I am playing around with the black and white and the color. I have been here one week now, and I have a little more than 2 weeks left. There are three new posts below with images of Mehrauli Archeological Park and Qutb Minar, as well as some beautiful sculptures and some crazy Basohli Devi Paintings.

8 thoughts on “what should Nasreen and Sherry photograph/contemplate/draw together? – posted 11/1/14 in Delhi

  1. Thanks for this just before we leave. You sound ready and this was a very informative blog, giving me more understanding of you both. Love, Suzie


  2. I’m not sure what to say, except that you are thoughtful, insightful and meeting these challenges bravely and head on. You and Nasreen will find each other and collaborate beautifully…soon.


  3. Loving your black and white images. Guessing it must be hard to stay focused with so much stimulation. Miss you…Mindy


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