some things I loved in NYC at Museums – I am a sucker for the 60s,70s,80,90s, architecture and conceptual art, posted in Boulder, CO April 12, 2016

1 Nasreen Mohamedi photo IMG_2524

Nasreen Mohamedi, ca. 1970, silver gelatin print, in Waiting Is a Part of Intense Living at the Met Breuer

Of course I was in NYC to see the Nasreen Mohamedi show at the Met Breuer. I was so elated and will write more about this fabulous exhibit and catalogue later, but I had never seen her photographs in person. So this was great!

2 Robert Gober slides of a changing painting 1982

Robert Gober, Slides of a Changing Painting, 1982, at the Met Breuer in Unfinished. One of my favorite works of Gober’s – over a period of a year Gober painted the same 11″ x 14″ board and took slides of the ongoing painting.

3 Robert Smithson mirrors and shelly sand 1969 to 70

Robert Smithson, mirrors and shelly sand, 1969-70, in Unfinished at the Met Breuer

4 Yayoi Kusama 1962

Yayoi Kusama, 1962, love this painting in the Met Breuer show Unfinished! Even though I know she is crazy – she is still alive and living in a mental institution in Japan – what a remarkable artist!

5 Whitney IMG_0368

Renzo Piano is still my favorite architect. The New Whitney Museum – I love it, a wonderful place to look at art and look at New York (and New Jersey) from the balconies!

6 Liliana Porter 1973

Liliana Porter, The Line, 1973, Photoetching with graphite pencil, at the Whitney Portraits exhibit. I never  knew about this artist born in Argentina lives in New York – this kind of reminds me of Helena Almeida…

7 Rosalyn Drexler 1963

Rosalyn Drexler, Marilyn Pursued by Death, 1963, acrylic and paper collage on canvas, at the Whitney Portraits exhibition. I never knew about Drexler either, very cool, writes as well as makes very cool art.

8 Glenn Ligon 1996

Glenn Ligon, Self-Portrait, 1996, silk-screen ink on canvas, at the Whitney Portraits exhibiton

Robert Ryman IMG_0374

Robert Ryman, painting ca. 1965, at DIA Chelsea, a beautiful exhibit – it is hard to photograph white paintings

9 Toyo Ito Sengai 1996- 2001

Toyo Ito, Sendai Mediaheque, 1996 – 2001, exhibit at MOMA The Japananese Constellation, I loved this show at MOMA! Great Japanese architecture and all his cohohorts in this exhibition.

10 Gego 1966

Gego, 1966 , lithograph, I love this Venezuelan artist’s work!, at MOMA in the 1960 – 1969 exhibit

11 David Hammon Pray for America 1969

David Hammons, Pray for America, 1969, pigment and screenprint on paper, at MOMA in the 1960 – 1969 exhibit. I love this print and this artist. 1969 Yeah! and we still gotta pray!

12 Fischli Weiss Guggenheim installation 16-suddenly-this-overview.w750.h560.2x 2

Okay at the Guggenheim the best exhibit other than Mohamedi’s. Certainly the funniest and the best installation. Fischli and Weiss: How to Work Better. Dynamite!

13  Fischli Weiss

Fischli and Weiss at the Guggenheim, ca. 1980

Fischli Weiss IMG_0389

Fischli and Weiss at the Guggenheim, so funny!

14 Fischli Weiss How to Work Better 1991

Fischli and Weiss, How to Work Better, ca. 1990., at the Guggenheim

AND …. our son Joseph Logan designed a beautiful catalogue for this  exhibit:

Wonderful to see so much art. More on Nasreen Mohamedi soon.


14 thoughts on “some things I loved in NYC at Museums – I am a sucker for the 60s,70s,80,90s, architecture and conceptual art, posted in Boulder, CO April 12, 2016

  1. Sorry to have missed all that great art! What an inspiring trip. Thanks for sharing these images. I’ll have to get Joseph’s catalogue–two of my very favorite artists. I exhibited them at the beginning of my career at the Cydney Payton Gallery before they became so famous.


    1. You would have loved the Fischli Weiss show. It was a fabulous installation too. I will write more about Nasreen Mohamedi too, I need to process seeing her work. I did miss you on this trip dear friend! The lunch at the Whitney too! xo S


  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I was totally engulfed in family at my last visit to NY (which I loved) but missed going to the museums. I just got a great taste.


  3. We may have been ships passing in the night in NYC I was there 4/1-6. Didn’t get to Met Breuer or Guggenheim but saw alot of things that you did! love, LRL


    1. We just missed each other. Jamie and I were there 4/6 to 4/11. The Ryman show at DIA Chelsea was so beautiful.
      Miss you Lucy and want to talk to you about my next artist choice and get your advice. xo Sherry


  4. Hi Sherry We certainly have the same taste. Wish I could do work like some of these artists but I guess it is not my way. Happy Spring and see you soon. Margaret


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