last few days at Obras – posted Oct 23rd, 2015 at Obras in Portugal

1200 1 to the Castle  1200 2 to the Castle

1200 3 to the Castle  1200 4 to the Castle 12

above – a few images from one of the gates at the castle at Evoramonte, Luis Branco will convert to black and white (not sure if I will use these or not but they are a teaser for my final project in Portugal)

I came back from Porto ready to finish my work here at Obras. I worked with Luis Branco the other day – looking for the best images at the castle that he shot a few weeks ago. This is truly a collaboration. He will do the black and white conversions – we both have to think about it and give the images some breath. I think the images are really beautiful and they diverge from Helena quite a bit – which was always my intent. I am relating to space and an abstracted architecture in a different way than she does – outside in the world. I am showing only one of these images below because, as I said, they need to breath and be edited. I will print them large. Cydney suggested the title Horizons which I really like. I think it is the same spelling in Portuguese.

1200 Horizon 8 copy

above: one image from the series Horizons Sherry Wiggins and Luis Branco, 2015 (you can click on the above image and it will show larger)

Yesterday I repeated the “inhabited geometries” with the cloth constructions on the terrace of the studio at Obras with Rui Fernandes operating the drone with a camera – to get the birdseye perspective. Directora Cydney Payton was coaching my choreography and movement in the geometric shapes. I don’t have the images back from that shoot. Luis Branco is a little worried about the quality of the drone camera for what I want. I might have to repeat this series “inhabited geometries” at home with a scaffolding and with Robert Kitilla shooting them. But this is a real possibility, and I have more of an idea of what I want out of the “inhabited geometries.” In general this residency and experience in Portugal and at Obras Foundation has been wonderful, fun, and lots of hard productive work.

We leave Obras Sunday and will spend 2 days in Lisbon then home on Tuesday! This is probably my last blog post from Portugal 😦

7 thoughts on “last few days at Obras – posted Oct 23rd, 2015 at Obras in Portugal

    1. It has been absolutely wonderful Amy. I just saw Leonora at the coffee show in Estramoz with Luis Pintasilgo. She said to send a big hug to you. Hope to see you in Boulder when we are both back. xo Sherry


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