landed at Obras – posted September 22, 2015 in Herdade da Marmeleira, Evoramonte, Portugal

1 Large Rock IMG_1503

above: solstice stone near my little house at Obras

Cydney and I picked up our rental car in Lisbon on Monday and drove to the residency in the country where we will spend 5 weeks. It is beautiful rolling hills with cork trees and olive trees and vineyards everywhere. The region is called the Alentejo region in central south Portugal just a few hours east of Lisbon, renown for its wine.

The founders Ludger and Carolien greeted us at Obras. They have created a beautiful residency and place for artists in an old farmstead they have completely rebuilt, using the existing structures. Thank you Amy Clay for suggesting this place! I gave them both a hug from you.

Ludger showed us both to our accommodations and my studio. Cydney is staying in an apartment in the old farmhouse with a lovely porch and view of the countryside.

6 Main House IMG_15477 Cydney's Studio IMG_1544

I have been given the little casa up the hill that is very possibly the ruins of an old chapel. There is a remarkable ancient stone outside my door (pictured above) which points directly south on the summer solstice. It is lovely to have this privacy and space to live and be inspired by. I would like to work in the landscape here at Obras later on in the residency. Here are some pictures of mi casa and also the swimming pool, beautiful strange flower and places around the grounds of Obras.

3 House and Rock small IMG_15052 House small IMG_1504

9 swimming pool IMG_15228 Funny Flower IMG_1536

I also have a large studio to work in. I will start Part 1 of my projects here at Obras with my “inhabited drawings” that I started in my studio in Boulder with the cloth constructions that Bella Newell made for me. So the whole thing seems to be a great set up for working! The outside of my studio and just starting to move into the space with drawings I did in Boulder.

10 my studio outside IMG_1519

4 studio with drawings small IMG_1510

We had an artist presentation last night with a Dutch video artist who is here in residence and dinner after with our hosts and neighbor Luis and the other 6 or 7 artists who are here now. Good food, good wine, good company. Cydney and I both feel very comfortable from the start. Five weeks!

Here is the link to the Obras website, it is a beautiful place they have created:

6 thoughts on “landed at Obras – posted September 22, 2015 in Herdade da Marmeleira, Evoramonte, Portugal

  1. Hi Sherry. This sounds wonderful. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of work done if you are not too mesmirized by the surrounding country! You said you aren’t getting internet but you do have your international phone. How do I access it? with your normal cell phone number? Lots of love, Suzie


    1. You are right there is the possibility of being distracted by the beautiful countryside. I am going to take my cloth constructions “outside” into the rocks and ruins and landscape as part 2 of my project here. As we communicated. It is best for me to call you. It is 7 hours later here and I do not leave my cellular on all the time (too expensive). xo Sherry


    1. Jen, you would absolutely love it here. We are pretty far out in the countryside. The little town Estremonte that is 3 kms away has a beautiful castle and mainly older people in the town – so there has been no butt pinching as of yet 🙂 You could write and relax here at Obras and swim. Cydney and I have been swimming every afternoon – it is hot still but cool at night with lots of stars and moon and a few lights from all the castles. Much love to you and Jack.


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