Constructions in my Boulder studio for my studio in Portugal – posted Boulder Sept 14 2015

1 1200 Black Blue V_DSC6359 copy

Above is a trial run in my studio in Boulder of the “inhabited drawings” that are inspired by the work of Portuguese artist Helena Almeida.

I am leaving today for Portugal for the artist residency at the Obras Foundation and to continue my research and work in relationship to Portuguese artist Helena Almeida. During the last few weeks I have been working with British fashion designer Bella Newell making fabric constructions for a series of “inhabited drawings” that I will create while in Portugal. Bella’s skills and talent have been invaluable.

These constructions are based on a series of geometric drawings I made in 2013 in gouache and pencil. I decided to remake these drawings out of meters of black and red fabric and “inhabit” them in my studio in Portugal. I will have a photographer at Obras photograph me “inhabiting” these constructions and then paint the prints with Helena’s and my signature blue paint.

2 1200  rectangle fabric trials 1200 _DSC6346 copy copy

3  1200 Bella Studio_DSC6361 copy4 1200 Square white fabric trial 1200 _DSC6337

I will meet Cydney Payton tomorrow in Lisbon and we will be there for several days before going to our residency at the Obras Foundation. We are both excited that we will be meeting several contemporary curators and people who know and have worked with Helena Almeida while we are in Lisbon. I will post from Lisbon and keep you abreast of my journey. Just wanted to let you know I am on my way!

Below are the drawings that these constructions and “inhabited drawings” are based on.

1 1200 Point Drawing copy2 1200 circle drawing copy

3 1200 Well Drawing copy4 1200 Rectangle  copy

5 1200 Rosette

7 thoughts on “Constructions in my Boulder studio for my studio in Portugal – posted Boulder Sept 14 2015

  1. Weird and lovely idea, the inhabiting of your art! I’m teaching in Laramie for 2 months and will get to Boulder at least once, but you’ll be in Portugla the whole time? (Sept. 22-Nov.22) Enjoy, ox, Lucy


  2. Two things sprung strongly into my mind… the first was the ” Turin Shroud”, whether authentic or not, and the other was a photorgapher , and I will have to find his name, who specialises in setting scenes and taking shots of children who have conditions which cripple them, and the resulting images are beautiful and are continuing something thought provoking on many levels.XXX


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