still here and trying to draw – posted 11/8/14 in Delhi

72 dpi sculptures at Sanskriti 10 x 15 _DSC5201 copy copy

image above: sculptures at the Museum of Indian Terra Cotta at Sanskriti where I am in residence – a beautiful in and outdoor museum

These lovely sculptures at Sanskriti should cheer me up. There is a wonderful array of them at the museum here. This post might sound a little discouraged. I think this is normal in residencies (also on big trips and retreats and pilgrimages I have found.) I have been here two weeks now and I feel somewhat adjusted. Sanskriti is a lovely place and my project is a great opportunity for me – but India is hard and Mohamedi’s practice is difficult to emulate. I think she will shape my practice in some major way, she already has – it just has not resulted in my own drawing “product” yet. I posted last week that I found two Mohamedi drawings to look at in person at the National Gallery of Modern Art. I have been continuing to search for her work here and I am hoping to see a few more of her works that are in the permanent collection at the NGMA. However it is difficult to organize and involves many phone calls, emails etc.

My photography practice is changing (thank you Nasreen.) I had several nice prints made of some of my black and white photographs. I still have lots more photography (and printing) I would like to do in the next week. I am just getting to a level of abstraction with the photography that Nasreen is urging me towards.

I have been struggling with drawing and painting. No drawings I want to show yet. I am going to reduce back to just pencil, no paint, no color (Nasreen is leading me again.) If I can make one pencil drawing that I like in the next week I will be happy. I can then bring it and several black and white prints back into my studio at home in Boulder and have some part of India and Mohamedi to work with. I have a series in mind.

Three weeks is definitely not long enough to see a little of Delhi and try and to make much work, at least at my pace. All of the other artists at Sanskriti are here for at least one month and several are here for 2 or more months. Tomorrow morning I am going into Delhi to photograph around Humayan’s Tomb, a famous piece of Mughal architecture.

Please read my post “Mohamedi found” from November 3rd if you have not read it yet – much more upbeat.

I printed the 4 images below I think they are beginning to communicate a view that I am “looking” for.

72 dpi Mehrauli _DSC5248 copy copy

72 dpi amph Sanskriti _DSC5059 copy

72 dpi step well  _DSC5273 copy

72 dpi rocks Sanskriti _DSC5109 copy copy

16 thoughts on “still here and trying to draw – posted 11/8/14 in Delhi

  1. Dear Sherry,

    I really love these photograph you took. I know nothing really about the essence your spiritual quest, but for me, a mere observer, they portray a sense of the spiritual, a feeling of space, time worn by many lives, a path towards either light or an inner sanctuary. When drawing with pencil, and becoming stuck or stale – several things I need to remind myself is “ remember the values/ light + dark, the negative spaces, relationship of lines intersecting and that all medium values have no punch. In truth its the dark darks and the light lights that attract.

    I can only imagine how hard and self demanding it is to be on this sort of pilgrimage. I’ve been going through some difficult times – nothing serious- just same old self – doubtings that go around in circles and I woke up today with the conviction that I must “ be thankful for small mercies “ [ something Mom would say to us children when we were whining about this or that] But it rings true in my case.

    Anyway, I, for one, DO admire your work very much and your dedication to it. In my ingenue eye, you are a very serious – deeply thoughtful and it shows by how you live and what you create. I’m sending you a strong hug from the windy and bitterly cold coast of Maine. It may take a while to get to India, but it’s on its way. Love love love Janny


    1. heavens Sherry – I had no idea my note to you would become so public. How haughty I sounded about darkest darks and lightest lights, blah blah blah – me the 100% beginner – please forgive –
      I read this blog today via the Painters Table, something I follow weekly.
      It may interest you, though vs gaitonde is a man.
      I’m going to see his work in NY next week. If you like, I could buy you the catalogue.


      1. I will write you soon Janny about your comments. They are interesting to me. Sorry you did not realize they are public. Off to “see” some more of Delhi with my camera. love, Sherry. Also Gaitonde was one of Nasreen’s colleagues and one of the Indian artists her work really relates with.


  2. So exciting in India. So busy. So much new to absorb. Perhaps you aren’t quite “meant” to be doing the drawing there, but just taking it in and the drawing will come later in contemplation here at home, away from high input. Barbara’s absolutely right. xoxox


    1. Sharon. Yes, I think I have to let go with the worry about production. I can do this at home. But I do want to keep trying to “see” this place with her eyes.Off to photograph more… best to you and Rex. Sherry


  3. The fact that you’re following your heart is inspiring to me. I hope the realization of the enlightened attitude that this trip will bring to all of your future work dispels the discouragement…the photos are great!


    1. Thanks Jerry your comments mean alot to me. It is easy to get discouraged but important to persevere and this artist Nasreen really has something to show me. Hope to see more of you this next year. Let me know when you are coming to Boulder. best, Sherry


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