Sherry Masters 1667

photo by Robert Kittila, 2020

Sherry Wiggins is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work is rooted within cultural difference and spiritual transformation. She is concerned with art as a specifically feminine/ feminist relational process and enactment. Her artistic practice has taken multiple forms over the last three decades in: digital works, drawings, installations, performances, photographs, public art, sculptures, video, and writing.

Since 2013 Wiggins has been working on an international project titled Searching Selves: An Intersubjective Art Practice with Remarkable Women Artists of the 20th Century. Through extensive research and consideration she identifies artists whose work corresponds with her own in content, process, and/or material. These investigations have led her to Portuguese conceptualist Helena Almeida (1934 -2018), French surrealist writer and photographer Claude Cahun (1894 -1954), Russian-American avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren (1917-1961), and Indian minimalist Nasreen Mohamedi (1937-1990), Brazilian artist Mira Schendel (1919 – 1988)  among others. Thus far, Wiggins has studied artists Mohamedi, Almeida and Schendel in situ in India, Portugal and Brazil while participating in artist residencies in those countries. She has produced her own artworks in drawings, installations, photographs, and performances as a result of these extended contemplations. Wiggins questions her own notions of self and identity in relationship to concepts of artistic territory, process and documentation as well as definitions of feminine space in this long-term project.

Exhibitions of her work include venues in China, Europe, India, Korea, Mexico, the Middle East, and South America, as well as in Colorado and throughout the United States. She received both BFA (1988) and MFA (2005) degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Wiggins is represented by the Michael Warren Contemporary in Denver, Colorado.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her partner architect Jamie Logan.

Artworks and Exhibitions: http://sherrywiggins.com/

follow Sherry on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sherrywigginsart/

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