drawing practice – my evolving pantheon of women drawers of the 20th Century – posted in Colorado July 2017

1 72 Bougeiois 6565da0a2b7455cd154c72818ddb475d

LOUISE BOURGEOIS, I want to…, c. 1962

I am continuing my research on women artists of the 20th Century – now on women artists who have drawn as part of their artistic practice. Instead of focusing on a single artist’s work, I have been developing a pantheon of women artists/drawers of the 20th Century. Here are a few of my qualifications for inclusion in my pantheon:

– I really love/admire the artist’s drawing works (and other parts of their artistic practice) both conceptually and aesthetically

– that there is some relationship in material and content to my own artistic and drawing practice

– that there is some relationship to environmental, feminist, philosophical, political or spiritual practice that I want to examine in more detail


I – Helena Almeida, Portuguese, (1934)

72 Almeida 015-helena-almeida-theredlist

HELENA ALMEIDA, study for the series Seducir / Seduce, 2002


II – Louise Bourgeois, born in France /American, (1911 – 2010)

72 Bourgeois Insomnia Drawings eb2b84c094588147e009ae620683b731

LOUISE BOURGEOIS. Insomnia Drawing, c. 1994-1995


III – Vija Celmins , born in Latvia /American, (1938)

Drypoint - Ocean Surface 1983 by Vija Celmins born 1938

VIJA CELMINS, Ocean, 1975


IV – Ellen Gallagher, American, (1965)

72 Gallagher Host 1996 tumblr_mt34i5r91x1r532pao1_1280



 V – Susan Hefuna, German / Egyptian, (1962)

72 Hefuna Building 2009 .90_ph_web

SUSAN HEFUNA, Building (in nine parts), 2009


VI – Eva Hesse , born in Germany / American, (1936-1970)

72 Hesse 0f719e7dbdda492a4ebe1621d39fb41371cc9d0d

EVA HESSE, Untitled, 1966


VII – Hilma af Klint, Swedish, (1862 – 1944)

72 Klint_-_1920_-_Buddha's_Standpoint_in_the_Earthly_Life_-_No_3a

HILMA AF KLINT, Series 11, No. 3a, The Buddha’s Standpoint in the Earthly Life, 1920


VIII – Anna Maria Maiolino. born in Italy / Brazilian (1942)

72 Maiolino anna-maria-maiolino

ANNA MARIA MAIOLINO, Desde A ate M (from A to M) from the series Mapas Mentais (Mental Maps), 1972 – 99


IX – Agnes Martin, born in Canada/ American, (1912 – 2004)

72 martin-031

AGNES MARTIN, Untitled, c. 1960


X – Nasreen Mohamedi, Indian, (1937-1990)

72 mohamedi



XI – Ree Morton, American , (1936 – 1977)

72 morton untitled 1972 ink on vellum tumblr_nddzoqaMPi1rf984qo2_1280

REE MORTON, Untitled, c. 1972


XII – Mira Schendel, born in Switzerland / Brazilian, (1919 – 1988)

B 7773

MIRA SCHENDEL, Untitled from the series Graphic Objects, c. 1972


XIII – Atsuko Tanaka, Japanese, (1932 – 2005)

72 Tanaka Round on Sand tumblr_mywa2ryzB91s4gwtjo1_1280

ATSUKO TANAKA, Round on Sand, 1968

This is an evolving pantheon.  I have 13 artists in my drawing pantheon at this point. If you have any suggestions for me let me know. Vija Celmins comes to me via Cydney Payton’s suggestion and Atsuko Tanaka was suggested by Sandra Firmin. I am excited about researching all these artists drawing practices and continuing to develop my own drawing practice in the coming months.


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